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One of the foremost platform for soft loans but has turned to a nightmare for Nigerians

Sokoloan is one of Nigeria’s fast-rising loan platforms which is managed by sokolending company limited, a Chinese-based micro-lending firm. The platform allows users to create accounts and have access to various loan packages at ease.


The lending company which started in 2019 had grown its active users to over 20,000 users in 2 years. Once an account is created users can apply for a soft loan with interest.

How to register

  • Visit your mobile store and download the app
  • Create an account by filling in your details
  • Phone number tied to your bvn is required for verification
  • Complete your biodata form including bank account details
  • Bind your debit card for automatic withdrawal on the due date

The sokoloan app is only available on the google play store (android), users can also log in using their phone number and password.

Their interest is extremely outrageous with over 45% rate as low as N10,000 collected. The company does not have a viable office address making it difficult for people to find those who are exactly behind it.

How To Delete Account

Users are unable to delete their account individually but you can send your request to sokoloan email privacy@sokoloan.ng

We compiled a list of trusted and reliable loan platforms in Nigeria with fair interest of 30 days duration. Users can pay to their account number or generating ussd code using their paystack payment gateway.

Sokoloan Reviews

The app is run by sokolending company and several other apps like Gocash, 9jacash etc. The platform is very terrible in terms of professionalism, according to findings, this platform hires illiterates as collection agents threatening defaulters if due.

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The NDITA had issued a memorandum fining the company for N10,000,000 against breach of privacy and user data. Users give permissions to their contacts which are used in carrying out their dubious activities. Stay away from sokoloan!

All forms of harassment are vetted on you if you default, e.g calling you a criminal on the run who is trying to run away with their money.

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