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How To Verify Your Business On Meta Business Manager

Business can verify their accounts via Meta Business Manager formerly Facebook business manager

The Facebook business manager was introduced in 2018 before Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2022, becoming Meta Business Manager. It was developed for business owners to manage their business properties e.g Facebook and Instagram Pages in a central hub.

verify business manager on meta or facebook

It provides several features for various kinds of organizations to utilize for the purpose of improving brand identity. Over the past years, Facebook has given business owners the opportunity to verify their accounts and have access to additional features the platform provides.

Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg had made it known that developers can now manage apps, WhatsApp cloud API, and domains right from the manager account. He further stressed why retailers and publishers should link their properties in a single manager account.

Why Meta Business Manger?

In 2017 Facebook introduced the “Page Transparency” button on Facebook pages thereby allowing users or customers to get further information about the business managing the page, the History of a page name, the country from which the page is managed, and the Ads Library.

Once a business is verified, Facebook displays “This is a person or organization that has completed our verification process and claimed responsibility for the page” although this information is not available for all pages. Depending on the page’s relevance Facebook may display it or may not.

This feature helps in building brand reputation, trust, and engagement, survey confirmed that 45% of verified business owners drive sales 2x more than unverified businesses.

Verify your business on facebook


The Meta business manager has a whole ton of features for business managers and developers to explore but I would be listing just a few of them you shouldn’t miss!

Domain Verification

Facebook business manager allows business owners to verify their domains under the brand safety feature. The aim was to protect information and drive engagement through the Facebook context button.

News Page Registration

Publishers have the option to register their pages for the news index, this would help Facebook understand the content of your website and approve it. One of the core requirements for this feature is verifying your business.


Developers may have limitations to business APIs and features if the business manager account is not verified. Verifying your account grants developers access to a wide array of resources and functionality. Verifying your business on Facebook is one hell of an easy task if you do it right. There are documents you should have in place before applying for a business verification on Facebook;

  • Legal business registration documents
  • Valid Identification Card
  • Website

How to verify your business on Meta Business Manager (formerly Facebook business manager)

Before verifying your business, you would have to create a business manager account, here’s a complete guide for creating a business manager account. Verify your business on Meta Business Manager (formerly Facebook business manager) by following these steps;

  1. Visit on your browser
  2. Locate the settings icon on the lower left side
  3. Select business settings
  4. On the left side scroll down to business info
  5. Fill all your information accurately as it appears on your registration documents.
  6. Upload your files (follow instructions on file type, size, and format)
  7. Click on Submit

Note that verification approval can take 14 business working days so you’d have to be patient with the status. No need to worry if you’ve followed the guide you shouldn’t have any issues with verification results. Ensure your domain name and primary page name match with your business information and documents including your address and contact information.


You need to know that verifying your business on the Facebook business manager does not give your business the verified blue tick on your Instagram or Facebook page. It only provides meta information on your page transparency and gives you access to additional features on the Facebook business manager.

I have also addressed several errors you may encounter and how to fix them in the FAQ section, do not hesitate to look upon our knowledge base. You can share to your colleagues if you find it useful or drop a comment. Cheers!

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