How to Switch to WhatsApp Business Account

In this article, we shall be looking at what actually Whatsapp is, the services it runs, and the various reviews it has received from members of the public who patronize their services, and so on.

Do you want to learn how to switch to Whatsapp Business Account? Well, look no further, as, in this post, I will be teaching you how to go about it.

How to Switch to WhatsApp Business Account

Before we look at switching from a personal account to a business account, It is important that we look at what the company is, the kind of services it provides, and what the public has to say about it. We shall also be looking at the various features of the Whatsapp application, which makes it different from other applications.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an American-owned messaging cross-platform level App, with the ability to send and receive instant multimedia messages via end-to-end encryption  It is owned by social media giant Facebook, Inc.

With the application, you can also share various media like images, videos, documents, user locations, GIF’s, and stickers. Like most applications similar to it, it runs on mobile devices. However, it is unique in the sense that it can also be used on desktop computers, and personal computers. To enable this, you have to ensure that your mobile device is connected to the internet.

Using the app can only be possible when you register using your mobile phone number, which is an important step for anyone who wishes to use the app. Upon registering with your phone number, a verification code would be sent for confirmation

WhatsApp Business Account

Around January 2018, the company extended the services it renders from personal based accounts to a business-driven account, which led to the introduction of the popularly acknowledged WhatsApp Business.

This account is created in a manner that allows companies, as well as small business owners, to effectively relate with their customers, who use the normal Whatsapp account. The good news is that you don’t have to actually sign out of the platform for this to take effects.

With the business account, you can easily migrate your information edit your profile, attaching your business location, the type of business you run, customer reviews from your customers, your contact information, and other business information.

How to Switch to Whatsapp Business Account

kindly follow these steps to effectively switch to Whatsapp Business Account:

  • Back up your Whatsapp files, by saving your chat history to your cloud storage.
  • Go to Google Play Store quickly to download and install the app.
  • Review and accepted the Terms of Services to continue.
  • This action will allow Whatsapp to automatically recognize and acknowledge your phone number.
  • Your data will now be moved from your standard Whatsapp account to a Whatsapp Business Account.
  • While this is ongoing, it is compulsory that you keep the app open, or remain on the app without minimizing it, as you may be required to either confirm certain actions or download your backed up data.
  • Allow your Whatsapp Business Account permission to your contacts, media, and other sections it may require permission to.
  • Now, Sign Up as a user for Whatsapp Business, by adding your Business Name, profile picture, as well as your business category.
  • Then go to your settings on the app, tap on More Options then on Business tools and explore various options to boost your business profile.
  • Add your company’s description, contact information, working hours, as well as the address of your business to your profile.
  • After successfully setting up your account, you can then proceed to compose messages for your contact.



Whatsapp Business is a great tool for every business owner who wants to maintain great relationship with customers, drive leads and provide support. I believe by now you already know how to switch to Whatsapp Business account. I hope you found it helpful by sharing or dropping a comment below.

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