3 Steps On How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

I guess you probably stuck on how to go about deleting your facebook account? lol no cause for alarm because I was once in your shoes.

Facebook remains the giant of social media thereby keeps revolving from time to time in the interface, design, and overall operations. Do you want to know how to delete your Facebook account permanently? Including your data over the past 90 days.

how to delete facebook account

You may wish to delete your Facebook account for various reasons especially your privacy, I would give you the most effective method in deleting your facebook account.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Follow these step to delete your facebook account;

  • Log in to your facebook account at www.facebook.com
  • Locate the drop down icon on the top right
  • Select Settings and Privacy
  • Click on Settings
  • Locate “Your Facebook Information” tab on the left side
  • Select “Deactivate and Deletion

how to delete your facebook account on mobile

There is an option for temporarily deactivating your account and permanently deleting it, Your photos and name would be removed from your profile and things you’ve shared, if permanently deleted, you won’t be able to recover your post and information.

You can also delete your account on your mobile phone using the app if you don’t have access to the web version by following these step;

  • Login on your mobile app
  • Click the “Menu” on the right end side and scroll down to “setting and privacy”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Locate “Account ownership and control”
  • Select Deactivation and deletion
  • you then have the option to “temporarily or permanently deactivate your account”

How To Download Your Information On Facebook

In your Settings > Your Facebook Information > Select Download Your Information > Input date range > Select download options and proceed.

It can take few hours or days depending on the size of your data for your download to be ready. You also have the option to manage your information.

Follow the guide and you should be able to have your facebook account deleted in few minutes. You can drop a comment below.


With the above mentioned steps on how to delete facebook account, I believe you now find it easy now. You can jump on the comment section below if you have issues, comments and suggestions. Thank you!

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