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Facebook Journalist Resources – Getting Verified and Using CrowdTangle

With the introduction of the Journalist resources tools on Facebook, Journalist would have access to various tools

In 2019, Facebook Journalist Resources was through the journalism program which was initially kickstarted in the united states before it was finally rolled out in other countries. This feature enables verified journalists to various tools and benefits.

Facebook Journalist resources - Crowdtangle

There are requirements you need to meet as a journalist or publisher to have access to these tools and features with your Facebook profile. Crowdtangle needs to authenticate with your profile before you can access the tool. So let’s dive in

Requirements To Qualify As A Verified Journalist On Facebook

  1. You must have an ID-verified Facebook profile.
  2. You must be an author of a registered news page
  3. Authored at least 5 articles on the registered website
  4. Personalized work email with the official news website of the approved organization.

Features Available

1. Safety and Protection measures

This feature provides Stronger security measures that protect your Facebook and Instagram profiles against harassment and potential hacking threats.

2. Blue Badge Verification

You become eligible for the blu badge on your Facebook and Instagram profile. This allows people to know your Facebook account has been verified

3. CrowdTangle Search

The tool allows a journalist to have a breakdown of what trending globally or within a geographical territory. Getting social media insight like shares, comments, etc.

4. Updates on special features

You get notifications of new features available to you as a verified journalist on Facebook.

One major tool I have come to utilize is the CrowdTangle search tool which I consider a tool for publishers and fact-checkers, Impressive data insight, filtering, and information exporting.

crowdtangle search tool dashboard

The Facebook journalist resources also give eligibility to being verified only if your profile meets the requirements which means you can have access to the tool and not get verified.

How To Verify Your Profile As A Journalist On Facebook

Follow these steps to verify your Facebook profile as a registered journalist after meeting the requirement above;

  1. Login to Facebook and locate Settings and Privacy
  2. In your settings locate the Journalist Resources tab at the left
  3. Input all the required details
  4. Turn on Additional Benefits and Submit
  5. You would get an email when your profile has been approved

The email would contain a link that would contain a form and access to the crowdtangle tool, fill in all your information on the form, upload your ID and you should get feedback in 24hrs. If the news organization you’re applying with is verified, then you may have a good chance of landing the verified badge.

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There are tons of benefits available to publishers and journalist on the Facebook platform which I think they’re worth giving a try, but it is only available to organizations that have met the business verification guidelines and news page registration.

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